We create technology that helps you build experiences.

We help provide modular, scalable, customizable software and product services—such as research, design and development—to businesses and brands aiming to improve growth, ROI, and engagement with their customers.

Learn what we can do for you

Learn what we can do for you

Digital Product Solutions (EDOS DPS)

Sustained DPS

Our Sustained DPS services can help you tackle long-term projects such as full-on software development and ground-up product building. We can serve as an extension of your company, being your arm for product design and/or software development and maintenance.

Burst DPS

Our Burst DPS are project-based offerings that can be offered as one-time, or in some cases recurring services. Our Viability Planning and Branding Packages are some of the most popular, but we offer an array of capabilities to help you grow your business.

Stack the deck in your favor

Our arsenal of services can help you reach the next level.

From market and viability research, user experience design and testing, to software development and beyond, EDOS is here to help you build and launch your digital products with confidence and satisfaction.

Level up your tournaments with the EDOS Digital Tournament Platform

Looking to engage your audience, boost your brand, and create memorable experiences?

EDOS Digital can set you up with a custom branded esports platform that’s ready to use in no time. We offer seamless tournament management and operational support to ensure your brand’s success.

More content. Less overhead.

Our white-label tournament platform was built from the ground up to maximize the value and impact of esports and gaming competitions.

Whether you have an internal team for content operations or need to source external pros, our tools are intuitive and logical, making their use simple and onboarding quick.

How can we help?

Bespoke solutions developed just for you​

We are a comprehensive software and product development team with extensive capabilities in building interfaces, experience design and content operations. We’ve built massive end to end platforms for long term engagements, robust mini-sites for multi-month campaigns, and comprehensive micro-sites for weekend events. We can support you with everything from consultation, ideation and conceptualization to application development for web, mobile or desktop.


We know esports and entertainment. Over 5 decades of experience makes us capable of creating unique, cutting-edge solutions.


We’re constantly observing emerging trends to provide the best quality products and technology.


No more than what you need.
We use modular and scalable frameworks that provide you with the perfect solution for any opportunity.

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