EDOS Digital’s cloud-native platform is primarily hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure, providing flexibility and scalability to its clients. The platform is built using the .NET framework, which provides robust development tools for creating high-performance, scalable applications.

EDOS Digital leverages the open-source Orchard framework for content management system (CMS) capabilities, which provides rich configuration potential and a powerful extension mechanism. The platform architecture is designed to follow a microservices-based approach, which allows for scalability, fault tolerance, and flexibility in the development process.

To ensure high availability and resiliency, the platform is designed with load-balancing and auto-scaling capabilities. The platform is capable of handling high volumes of concurrent users, which is important in the esports market where live events can attract thousands of spectators.

EDOS Digital has invested heavily in ensuring the platform can meet the technical demands of the esports industry. Based on projections of potential player volume and concurrent users, the platform is designed to handle large-scale events with ease. The platform is capable of handling sudden spikes in traffic, which is essential in a live-streaming environment where events can attract millions of viewers.
In terms of security, the platform follows industry best practices and standards to ensure the protection of user data and information. The platform is regularly audited and tested for vulnerabilities to ensure that it remains secure at all times.

Overall, EDOS Digital’s focus on cloud-native architecture, microservices-based approach, and use of open-source frameworks ensures that the platform is scalable, flexible, and customizable. The platform can meet the technical demands of the esports industry and provide a reliable, high-performance solution for its clients.